As amended, October 1, 1992

Article 1


The name of this Society shall be the Denver Academy of Surgery.

Article II



A.  The objective of the Denver Academy of Surgery shall be the advancement of the practice and art of surgery.

B.  The association is organized exclusively to form a closer association of the surgeons in Colorado and adjacent states in order to maintain a high standard in this area of medicine and to advance the science and art of surgery in the service of the patient and health of the public, to provide fellowship and education of its members, and in general to promote the betterment of the medical profession.


The policies of the Society shall conform to the provisions as set forth under Section 501 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954, as amended.


A.  No part of the income or net earnings of the Academy shall inure to the benefit of, or be distributable to, any member or officer of the Society or any other private individual (except that reasonable compensation may be paid for services rendered to or for the Academy effecting one or more of its purposes, and reimbursement may be made for any expenses incurred for the Academy by an officer, agent or employee, or any other person or corporation, pursuant to and upon authorization of the Executive Council); and provided further that no member or officer of the Society, or any other private individual shall be entitled to share in any distribution of any of the assets of the Academy on dissolution of the Academy or otherwise.

B.  Upon dissolution of the Academy, all of its assets shall be paid over or transferred to one or more exempt organizations of the kind described in Section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Article III

1. Designation of membership in this Society shall be: Active, Senior, and Honorary.

2. Applicant must be a member of the surgical community for one year and be a sponsored guest at least one time during that year.

3. Surgeons in good standing in Colorado or an adjacent state who are certified by one or more of the following boards and meet the requirements of Article III (2) shall be eligible for election to active membership:

The American Board of Surgery
The American Board of Plastic Surgery
The American Board of Neurosurgery
The American Board of Colo-Proctology
The American Board of Thoracic Surgery
The American Board of Urology

3. Distinguished surgeons shall be eligible for election to Honorary membership by unanimous vote of the Academy.  Honorary members shall be exempt from assessments and dues and shall enjoy the usual privileges of Honorary members.

4. At his/her own request any Active member past 60 years of age may become a Senior member.  Senior members shall have all privileges accorded Active members except voting and holding office.

5. Application forms for Active membership shall be filled out, endorsed by three active members and forwarded to the Secretary for presentation to the Executive Council.  Letters of recommendation from endorsing, Active members, must accompany applications of prospective new members.  The Executive Council will review all completed applications. Unanimous vote of the Executive Council shall constitute acceptance of such application.

6. Members going into military service from private practice shall have dues suspended during the time on active duty outside Colorado. 

7. Failure to attend at least one meeting per year under ordinary circumstances may be cause for revocation of membership.

8. Members leaving Colorado will be placed on inactive status, unless otherwise requested.

Article IV


1. The officers of the Society shall be:  President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer and two Members-at-Large.  Their duties shall be those usually accorded to such offices.

2. The Executive Council shall consist of eight members:  The officers, the immediate Past-President and the Program Committee Chairperson. They shall carry on the necessary business of the Academy and have the power to authorize expenditures. 

3. Elections shall take place yearly at the December meeting and the new officers will begin their duties at once.

4. Terms of office shall be for one year.

5. Vacancies shall be filled by special election except that of the President which shall be filled by the President-elect.

6. The Program Committee shall consist of three active members appointed by the President following his election.

7. The Member-at-Large must be nominated and voted upon from the floor at the Annual Meeting.

This Constitution approved as amended on this 1st day of October, 1992. 

James R. Wheeler, M.D.

Gilbert Hermann, M.D.