The Denver Academy of Surgery was established in 1948 for the stated purpose of fellowship and education of its members.  Dr. Robert Woodruff and others had the foresight to see the long term need for such an organization.  During its first twenty-five year history, the Academy served as a common meeting ground for surgeons with many excellent scientific programs.  In addition, a committee of the Academy was instrumental in the development of the Colorado Relative Value Scale.

In 1973, the Denver Academy celebrated its twenty-fifth anniversary.  A black tie dinner honoring the founding members was held in recognition of a quarter century of service to surgeons and the broad community.  Not surprisingly, most of the membership favored the goals of fellowship and education.  In general, the membership rejected the goal of becoming a political force in current health care issues.

At the 1974 business meeting, the Academy voted to limit future membership to surgeons certified by the American Board of Surgery, Neurological Surgery, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, Colon and Rectal Surgery and the Board of Thoracic Surgery.  In 1975, the Executive Council, under the leadership of Dr. Roger Wotkyns began formulation of a continuing education program for the Denver Academy of Surgery members which is expected to become of region wide importance.


Edgar W. Barber, M.D.
Sidney Blanford, M.D.
Horace E. Campbell, M.D.
Vincent G. Cedarblade, M.D.
William B. Condon, M.D.
H. Calvin Fisher, M.D.
James H. Forsee, M.D.
John M. Foster, Jr., M.D.
John B. Grow, Sr., M.D.
William W. Haggart, M.D.
Fred R. Harper, M.D.
Casper F. Hegner, M.D.
John G. Hemming, M.D.
Ervin A. Hinds, M.D.
Paul M. Ireland, M.D.
George B. Kent, M.D.
H. Mason Morfit, M.D.
George B. Packard, M.D.
Joseph R. Plank, M.D.
Duval J. Prey, M.D.
Kenneth C. Sawyer, M.D.
John E. Struthers, M.D.
Henry Swan, M.D.
Robert Woodruff, M.D.